Dallas Township Newsletter | Winter 2016


Winter Parking Reminder

Winter Parking Reminder for Residents of Dallas Township

Residents of Dallas Township are reminded that, except in locations whereby Ordinance restrictions are more severe, the Township’s Winter Parking Ordinance prohibits vehicles from parking on Township roads and streets from November 1, 2016 through April 30, 2017, inclusive, between 6:00P.M. and 6:00A.M. This allows the Dallas Township Road Department to effectively clear streets and roads of snow. The Winter Parking Ordinance is in effect regardless of whether or not it snows. Police will enforce the winter parking ban as part of their night patrol duties.

Yalick Traffic Signal Notification

Traffic Signal Light at SR 415 and Lakeview Drive by Yalick Farms

The Traffic Signal Light at SR 415 and Lakeview Drive, by Yalick Farms, has been in “flashing” operation since it was erected. The Dallas Township Board of Supervisors recently made an application to PennDot to have the traffic light changed to “full red, yellow, and green operation”, as it was originally designed for. In order to promote driver awareness and safety, a message board will be erected by PennDot a few weeks prior to the traffic signal being activated, in an effort to give drivers notification of the upcoming change.


Proposed Pipeline Actvity Map
During our Comprehensive Plan public hearing on Tuesday evening, the Supervisors agreed to begin posting information relative to the numerous pipelines that are being proposed to come through our area. We learned that there are residents who are not aware of the routes, nor/or that their properties may be affected. We would not be doing right by our residents if we did not share information as it becomes available.
Below is a link to a preliminary route map that was compiled by township resident Mark Barrett based on current information from the gas companies. They remain tentative. Updates will be provided as they become available.

News from DTPD

Welcome our newest officer to Dallas Township Police Department, pictured with Chief Robert Jolley, Officer Gina Kotowski, who began her position as the School Resource Officer (SRO) for the Dallas School District as of the 2014-2015 school year.

A new look for the Dallas Township Police Department fleet.


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