All Back Mountain residents with fire hydrants on their properties are required to remove snow buildup from around them. As snow plows continue to pile snow next to the roadways, our fire departments are reporting that the hydrants are being completely covered and obliterated from view. As of this writing, there are several in Dallas Township that need to be uncovered right away.
   There have already been a number of structure fires in the Back Mountain this winter. Please be aware of this and considerate of those homes that could readily be saved by access to the water from these hydrants.
There will be a public meeting by the Pennsylvania Department of Transportation from 6 to 8 p.m. on Wednesday, Feb. 12 at Misericordia University second floor rooms 218-219 Insalaco Hall for State Route 309, Section 390 Upper Demunds Road Project, Luzerne County. The purpose of this meeting is to present the latest proposed project plans and schedule. Historic and archaeological resources may be present in the project area and public comment regarding the presence of cultural resources and the effect of the project on these resources is being solicited.
The Pennsylvania Criminal Intellligence Center (PaCIC) announced an international phone scam, which leads customers to incur high charges on their phone bills. The area codes typically used include, but are not limited to, (809), (284) or (876). The scan includes luring the individual to answer or they leave a message for the victim to call the number back to claim a prize, find out about a sick relative, or engage in inappropriate discussions. When consumers return what is believed to be a domestic call, they are charged for international pay-per-call rates. Recent reporting indicates the majority of the scam calls are originating from the (268) area code, some of which have been received at odd hours, including late at night, when someone might be more likely to be caught off guard. The caller allows the phone to ring one or two times and then hangs up, in an apparent attempt to elicit an immediate call back.

Congratulations to Supervisors Frank Wagner and Bill Grant on their swearing in during last night's Reorganization Meeting!

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