Residents should note the following:

The PAVING SCHEDULE for Troutbrook Road, Kingswood Drive, Westminister Drive, Glendalough Road and Midland Drive have been completed. The Road Department will resume swale and berm restoration the week of October 15, weather permitting.

Also, RESIDENTS SHOULD REFRAIN FROM PUTTING LEAVES INTO STORMWATER RUNOFF AREAS AND ROADWAYS.  Please do not rake leaves into the roadways and drains. Leaves should remain in the lawn area before the berm of the roadway.


The Dallas Township Board of Supervisors is pleased to announce that, effective October 1, 2012, the Local Earned Income Tax (EIT) in our Municipality will be collected and administered by Berkheimer Tax Administrator. This change is the result of State Legislation (Act 32) that required the consolidation of the  collection of Local Earned Income Tax to a county “Tax Collection District”. The tax rate and all filing dates will remain the same. The only change is the “tax collector”. However, there are changes in the employer withholding requirements. Please visit the Berkheimer website for more details, at www.hab-inc.com. We encourage you to take advantage of the fast and easy e-filing for individuals and employers offered by Berkheimer.

On Friday morning, September 21, the ‘Officer Phil’ program was presented at Dallas Elementary School. The child safety program utilizes puppets, music and magic to entice interaction with children to deliver safety instruction.

 The program, which locally is cooperatively sponsored by the Dallas Township and Borough Police Departments, operates in 21 states. In Dallas, the visits are completely paid for by donations from local businesses that provide a safety booklet made especially for Dallas youth in their age group.

 Dallas Township Police Sergeant Douglas Higgins represented local law enforcement at Friday’s program.

 “Judging by their laughter the children obviously enjoyed the program, but I do feel that they also got the message,” Higgins said. 

 The program is presented in both Dallas and Wycallis Elementary Schools.
(Photo to come.)

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